Diet Therapy

"Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food" 

Hippocrates stated this over 2000 years ago and it rings true today as this is the simplest way to get back to the basics of a treatment program is with proper nutrition. Studies have shown that an estimated 40% of people die from malnutrition during cancer treatments, rather than from the cancer itself.

Knowing what foods to avoid and embrace can make all the difference while promoting optimal health as well as thriving while receiving treatments that can be extremely draining on the body. Vegetables should be eaten in abundance, fats can be embraced, healthy fats that is. Grains can be very protective as well with their high fibre and nutrient count. Every patient receives a diet plan that suits them, and their diagnosis. The anticancer nutrition plan focuses on making choices that will stimulate your body’s innate ability to fight cancer.